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I’ve helped authors tell their story and get their message out in many different ways. Here are some of the book projects I’ve worked on. I typically don’t work on a project I don’t personally believe in, so I can fully recommend these books to you. Check them out!

Clarify, career, Deneen Troupe-Buitrago


Clarify: 12 Principles to Illuminate Your Calling to the Marketplace 
by Deneen Troupe-Buitrago, 2018

Deneen skillfully coaches you through twelve biblical business women to help you clarify your calling to the marketplace.

Available at: and



Karen Dancey, Depression, Suicide


Mountain of Hope by Karen Dancey, 2017

Karen Dancey shares her story of losing her husband to depression. She gives hope to readers as she courageously tells the story of how God constantly reminded her that she would be okay.

Available at Karen’s website:



Mentoring Millennials

Legacy by Leslie Schonfeld, 2016

Mentoring millennials is an adventure. Join us as we explore who we are, who they are and how the two generations can build community through mentoring. Build your legacy as you build God’s Kingdom!

Available at:
Dragonfly Ministry



Deb Potts Peace Personalities

Making Peace With Prickly People: Transforming Relationships by Loving God, Self, and Others  by Deb Potts, 2016

The Bible clearly lists a three-step process for making peace in relationships: Love God, love self, and love others. Yet, in a difficult relationship, most of us skip the first two steps and go right to the third. There are no shortcuts to this process, but it has the stamp of approval from Jesus Himself. And following God’s plan for making peace with prickly people is guaranteed to change relationships, even if your prickly person doesn’t change.

Available at: and Amazon


Sherrie Holloway

For The Love Of God by Sherrie Holloway, 2013

In For the Love of God, Sherrie Holloway assures you, through the truth of Scripture, that you are loved, no matter what. God’s love for you is deeper and more magnificent than you could ever imagine. His love is endless, and it gives not only salvation, but the power to live. Really live.

Available at: Wellspring Overflow and Amazon

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