Emily Gehman

Emily is part of the Michigan Christian Women Speakers Network and is available for speaking in writing and storytelling events, networking groups, churches, ministry teams, women’s ministries, camps and retreat centers, and

Emily would love to interact with your group. Contact Emily to create a custom event for your group, or choose from the following speaking topics:

Storytelling: Because you DO have one and it DOES matter!

The science of storytelling says we’re all created to hear stories. Learn how that works and how to share your story for your business or your ministry.

Storytelling: Share Your Story, Share Your Jesus

Biblical truth meets the Science of Storytelling in this speaking topic. Billy Graham preached under big-top tents into a culture that was looking for Truth. Our culture isn’t looking for truth: “Whatever works for you, works for you, maaann!” Here’s how to step into that cultural moment to share your story — and share your Jesus.

Storytelling for Youth Ministry 

We must keep sharing God stories so that the next generation will know Him and what He has done. Here’s how you can incorporate storytelling into your youth ministry — and build visual reminders of the work God is doing.

Minding the Generation Gap

The Generation Gap only grows when we don’t understand each other. As a Millennial who was raised by Boomers and whose siblings are Xers, Emily can help you better understand Millennials…And maybe give some pointers on how to Mind the Gap. (Hint: We need you more than you think.) Based on Emily’s blog series, “Minding the Generation Gap.”

Building Modern-Day Altars: A Theology of Remembering

Writing is modern-day altar-building, just as the nation of Israel was directed to do in Joshua 4. Writing is how we remember, and remembering helps us trust God for whatever’s next, whether that’s crossing a deep river, changing jobs, having children, paying the next bill, or just getting up in the morning!
1-3 Sessions:
Session 1: Joshua 4—The First Altar
Session 2: Matthew 8—The Forgetful 12
Session 3: I Corinthians 11—Jesus’ Call to Remember