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  1. Hello Emily,

    I just read your article in The Christian Health Newsletter, ” Storytelling Coach” I chuckled when you said that you did not have the gift of mercy after all that investment ….but that God redeemed the whole thing. That’s just like God. He does love us and does surprise us with unexpected blessings.

    It has been my lifelong passion to write and tell stories, and rightfully so, as my surname in Gaelic contains Bard, which of course were the story telling poets and historians. I have this strange idea that I will redeem the Bard office from darkness into the light, from pagan Druids to followers of Jesus, a new line of Christian Bards.

    I have not practiced as much writing or storytelling as I would have liked but still hope to do so in my golden years. I am presently fifty nine years of age. The Lord has given some opportunity to story tell as I served as an associate pastor for a time. Mostly I have been a nervous public speaker yet on occasion have been able to convey a testimony or story with grace.

    Thanks for raising our consciousness by reminding how each life story brings people together. I’ll add that in person story telling is our souls longing while television is an inferior usurpation.

    My father often told of the fireside gatherings in the small Irish cottage of his birth, how the neighbors and family invested each into the other through story.

    Thanks for reminding us of the importance of story. May the Lord richly bless you in your endeavor to draw people to each other and to Him with story.

    In Christ,

    1. Thanks, Brendan! I am so glad you were encouraged. Your comment encouraged me, too! Thanks for reading and for your kind words. Keep telling your stories!

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