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Monday Mugs || Being Known

"It's the thought that counts," and other true adages.

Why Monday Mugs? Because You Have A Story

Why do I keep writing about mugs? It's simple really: Because you have a story.

Monday Mugs || Blessed Barakel

The Camp Barakel song is on a loop in my head today...and my heart. Cheesy as it may be.

Monday Mugs || Huntsville Home

Here's to new places, fluffy pancakes, good coffee, and soul-lodging friends.

Monday Mugs || Call Me

“Call me Ishmael.” Call me Twain Call me Austen. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick begins with the introduction of the main character—Ishmael. We follow him through the ultimate revenge story cloaked in a painfully detailed description of the 19th century whaling... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Husband, I’m Not Waiting (Start Marriage Right)

Newsflash: Life doesn't start at marriage.

Monday Mugs || Zingerman’s Career Brew

I walk into the shop and I’m immediately overwhelmed, but in all the best ways. To my left is a bulging glass serving counter, lined with cheeses I’ve never even heard of. In front of me is an identical counter,... Continue Reading →

Monday Mugs || History’s Metre

Living history places like Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum help us rhyme the right parts of history. Because when you know it, you won't repeat it.

Monday Mugs || Brave Attempts

That feeling when you're cheering for the last Special Olympics athlete to cross the finish line and you realize they're everything that's right with the world. And you have so much to learn.

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