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Always Remember

Monday Mugs || Welcome Home

“Welcome home!” shouted border patrol, and I never thought I’d experience such emotion to be back on American soil. Er, cement. I hadn’t been gone for very long. An hour, maybe? Though, when you’re running a half-marathon an hour feels... Continue Reading →

What You’re Getting Wrong About Veterans Day

There's something you should know about Veterans Day: It's not Memorial Day. (And, logic follows—Memorial Day is not Veterans Day.) I know what you're thinking: Well, DUH, EMILY! Obviously it isn't Memorial Day. Memorial Day is in May. We thank our servicemen... Continue Reading →

That Day

I was with my parents, babysitting my nephew while they met with contractors about the house we were readying to build. I wasn't very old. Nearly twelve. But I understood. This wasn't a joke or a dream, though everyone watching... Continue Reading →

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