On Christians & Starbucks: We’re Not All Crazy!

FINAL VERDICT: Most Christians do NOT care about Starbucks' Red Cups! (Hallelujah!) You may have seen a bit of commotion this week regarding the new Starbucks Red Cup. After seeing several comments and posts on my own Facebook newsfeed of my friends committing to the #merrychristmasstarbucks "prank," I wrote a little diddy (Dear Christians: Calm Down About Starbucks' Red... Continue Reading →

You know in the movie Field of Dreams how there's a lineup of cars coming to an obscure Iowa farm to see a supernatural baseball game? That's kind of what's going on in my neighborhood right now. Minus the supernatural baseball game, plus about 70,000 Christmas lights, give-or-take a few bulbs. Complete with a radio station in... Continue Reading →

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