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Monday Mugs || “Sophisticated” Stories

Starbucks is less of a destination to me than it is a mobile office. One where there's always lots of stories. (And coffee.)

Monday Mugs || Being Known

"It's the thought that counts," and other true adages.

Monday Mugs || Zingerman’s Career Brew

I walk into the shop and I’m immediately overwhelmed, but in all the best ways. To my left is a bulging glass serving counter, lined with cheeses I’ve never even heard of. In front of me is an identical counter,... Continue Reading →

Monday Mugs || The Underground

This mug tells the story of one of my first real jobs: The Underground Café at Clarks Summit University.

Coffee Perks: Why Millennials Work At Starbucks

Starbucks isn't always a career death-knell. Many Millennials are doing more than just making coffee!

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