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Generation Gap

Millennials and Marriage—Why Knot?

Millennials aren't getting married like our parents and grandparents did (and that's not always bad). It might be for these reasons...

How Millennials Can Bridge The Generation Gap

Have you seen the "Millennial International" video from satirist John Crist? It pokes fun at Millennials, describing a program where you can support a Millennial and his or her daily needs—for only $2900/month.  It was funny, for sure. I appreciate John... Continue Reading →

Minding The Generation Gap

Hi, I'm Emily. And I'm a millennial.  (Hiiiii, Emily.) I've been a closet millennial for most of my life, which is a curious thing, because that's not really something you can be in the closet about. I mean, you're in... Continue Reading →

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