My Half-Marathon: Accomplishment Meets Altruism

I finished! I survived my second half-marathon! It wasn't faster than last year's, but it wasn't slower, either. Hey, at least I'm consistent, right? I ran for Hope Water Project, a clean-water initiative that raises money through races (like the Detroit Marathon and Half-marathon, the Grand Rapids Marathon, the Disney Marathon and ODRAM) to dig wells in... Continue Reading →

Running For Water (Shattered Magazine)

So it's confirmed, then: I can run and I can write. Now I'm writing about running! This year, I'm running the Detroit Half-Marathon again, but this time for a much bigger purpose: Hope Water Project! This story first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Shattered Magazine. An 82-year-old woman finishing the Detroit Free Press 5k. A Chattanooga... Continue Reading →

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