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Twelve Years An Outcast (AUTHENTIK Magazine)

Her plan did not include telling her story. But oh, the power when she did!

Last week, I was intrigued when RELEVANT magazine published an article about how Christian boycotts are seldom successful and often unhelpful. From time to time, Christians (individually or collectively) will go on crusade-esque boycotts when they hear a store or brand... Continue Reading →

You know in the movie Field of Dreams how there's a lineup of cars coming to an obscure Iowa farm to see a supernatural baseball game? That's kind of what's going on in my neighborhood right now. Minus the supernatural baseball game,... Continue Reading →

Well it's that time of year again, when I gather the loose change I can find in my couch and pockets and spend it all on leftover (read: cheap!) candy on November 1. You can never have too much chocolate...  ... Continue Reading →

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