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Why I Love Stories (And Why You Do, Too)

Why do I keep writing weird stories about my mugs? Because I love stories. And so do you—here's why.

StoryBridge And That Awkward Moment When You See Your Teacher At The Store

StoryBridge: making it less weird when you see your teacher at the store.

Coffee Perks: Why Millennials Work At Starbucks

Starbucks isn't always a career death-knell. Many Millennials are doing more than just making coffee!

Running For Water (Shattered Magazine)

So it's confirmed, then: I can run and I can write. Now I'm writing about running! This year, I'm running the Detroit Half-Marathon again, but this time for a much bigger purpose: Hope Water Project! This story first appeared in the Spring... Continue Reading →

The Comeback Special

Friends, Romans, Countrymen... (Hi, Mom!) Thanks for your patience this summer as I've taken a bit of time away from personal writing. Admittedly, I said yes to too many things this summer, and my website suffered because of it. But... Continue Reading →

The Passion Of Jesus And The Cross Is Deeper Than You Think

I knew the story of the passion of Jesus and Good Friday long before I first  saw The Passion of the Christ. I knew what was going to happen; I had read the very words of Scripture and imagined it... Continue Reading →

Shattered Magazine: Hard Stories Like Kara Tippetts, Saeed Abedini Help Us Think, Pray, Love

Hi, friends! Thanks for sticking with me through a short writing hiatus. I'm still working with Shattered Magazine (which I love!), and this season has been our busiest but most exciting as we restructure and trust God for what's next.... Continue Reading →

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