Traditioooooon! Tradition.

I’m no weather man, but I do believe fall has arrived.

Sub-sixty degrees here in Michigan today. And I can’t lie—as much as I hate to see summer go, I really enjoy fall.

But that’s beside the point.

You know what goes GREAT with fall?


My favorite cider…

…is made at Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills! This year, Yates is celebrating 150 years. The mill began as a grist mill in 1863, but the Yates family started making cider in 1876. The press has been watered powered (by the water wheel you see just outside the doors) since 1863, and she’s still going strong. The two-table screw press squeezes about 300 gallons of cider per hour!

There’s more to Yates Cider Mill than just cider, although it’s darn good cider. (I like it tart—if you like it sweet, wait ’til the end of the season, when they add the late-season sweet apples.) There’s caramel apples, and apple pie, ice cream(!), and…yes, DONUTS.

The super-duper fresh donuts are, uh, really good. I heard a customer once say they were like crack. My friends, they’re that good. You can’t beat cider and donuts for a Michigan fall.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, a few reasons:

  1. Yates Cider Mill is awesome.
  2.  My brother is the director of operations at Yates, and he’s awesome too.  And I told him I’d write about it on my blog.
  3. Yates Cider Mill is awesome.


For the official 150th celebration you can get some really great stuff (read: food) there!
Check it out…

  • First 150 customers each day get a custard cone for just 15 cents! The last time ice cream prices were THAT good was when your grandma was eating ice cream…with her third-grade beau at the sody shop.
  • Every dozen of donuts you buy will actually be a baker’s dozen (that’s 13 donuts instead of 12, in case you were confused.)
  • Daily door prizes (TBA)
  • First 150 customers get a free Yates Anniversary Bag.
  • Happy Cider Hour—free cup of cider from 5-6p.m., Mon-Thurs.
  • Baffling Bill Magic shows, Drum and Fife Corp, and a barbershop quartet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

See all the details at

Also see their appearance on WDIV Detroit news!

See you there!!

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