Featured: Learning About Community From My Parents’ Basement

So what I didn’t tell you about self-employment in my last post is that since it’s not the most lucrative, I’m one of those Millennials now living at home.

I’m still dreaming about what’s ahead–the proverbial white picket fence and whatnot—but until then, I’m discovering the kind of community, discipleship, and sharpening perhaps God in mind when He created the family.

My story isn’t entirely unique; I’m not the only one navigating post-college basement living. but it resonates with others in similar situations. So Shattered Magazine has featured it on their blog today to encourage you—wherever you live—to keep God’s purpose for you (hint: Christlikeness, Romans 8:28-30) in your viewfinder.

Read my story on Shattered’s blog:
Learning About Community From My Parents’ Basement 


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