Ebola and ISIS: Commence Freak Out in 3…2…1

The NewsSo let’s be real here. Life right now is scary. Terrifying, even. I don’t need to recount everything that’s going on right now—assuming you’re not living under a rock—you already know about Ebola, ISIS, and the general stench of evil that resides in our world.

Yes, it’s scary.

And as much as I’d like to give you good news (and so would  Jimmy Fallon), I can’t. How’s that for optimism and hope?*

Don’t Sugar-Coat It

Relevant Magazine published a story online couple weeks ago declaring that the world is, in fact, getting better. I’m not sure I can jump on that train. Yes, the world is advancing technologically, countries are continuing to develop, and the addition of running water, indoor plumbing, and advanced medical science have been huge highlights for the past century. There are elements of our world that are improving, but overall, I don’t think we’re gaining any ground. And I’m not sure we will, either.

The world has always been full of people. And people have always been full of sin. And as long as you have that going on, the world is going to not be so great. Sure, we’ve come along way developmentally since the Garden of Eden, but our human nature has remained intact (to our demise). Since the beginning of time, the world hasn’t gotten better. After the fruit was eaten, we kind of took a nosedive. The flood happened because everyone except for Noah was wretched. The tower of Babel didn’t go so well, the whole Sodom & Gomorrah thing didn’t turn out, and everything since then hasn’t been so pretty. People have always been, well, bad. **

And yes, it’s scary. It’s terrifying and confusing.

And yes, it’s okay to be afraid. 

It’s Okay, But…

…but don’t let it paralyze you.

Don’t be stupid, either, though. I mean, don’t stand in the JFK airport welcoming flights from West Africa with kisses for everyone. That would be stupid on several different levels. And don’t joke about ISIS being anything but evil. It’s just not funny. Respond to these things appropriately, but don’t be crippled by them.

I’m saying this more to myself than to you, I think.

In my head, sometimes I freak out about stuff that doesn’t need to be freaked out over. Sometimes it’s little things, like missing a payment deadline, or forgetting to post for an online class. Other times it’s about contracting The Plague or falling into the hands of the wrong people.

And while these may be worthy things to be concerned about, I can’t let them freeze me in my tracks every time I turn around.

Because it’s not the bettering of the world, or a sure-fire cure for ebola, or the eradication of ISIS that I’m trusting in.

To worry about these things is to not trust God, who is sovereign over all. He sees. He hears. He knows. He’s on the move.

Do I trust Him? Or do I freak out about things that are out of my control?



*You should know by now that I claim no powers of optimism. I’m a realist, of course. 

**Jesus Christ came to fix all that. He did at the cross, and though there is still evil in our world, soon He’s returning to reign and rule. Soon, it will all be perfect. Soon, it will all make sense. Soon and very soon. 

[Image via Communicore82/Flickr]


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