My Thankful-For Door

I don’t know what it is about sticky notes, but they are one of my favorite things in the world.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. But in my opinion, a stocking full of sticky note pads would make for a pretty great Christmas morning. (Ahem.) 

They’re so useful! They remind me to attach documents to emails and they satisfy the list-maker who lives deep inside me somewhere. Thursdays make list people of all of us. (And there was that time in college I sticky-noted my suitemate’s room…) Confession: sometimes I make a list after I do something just so I can cross it off. Yeah, productivity!

But my favorite thing to do with my sticky notes happens on the back of my door.

I call it my Thankful-For Door.

When something cool happens, I write it on a sticky note and stick it on my door. Sometimes it’s a huge thing, like an unexpected financial blessing. Other times it’s small (but equally awesome), like when my mom, who is a web genius, fixes the wireless network like a boss (yes, actual words), or that my dad waves goodbye in the garage when I leave.

Obviously, it’s Thanksgiving week, so I’m not the only one counting my blessings. But my goal is to find specific, even minute details that are good gifts from the Lord. It’s easy to go big and broad for Thanksgiving—”I’m just so thankful for family.” “I’m thankful for my friends.” “I’m thankful for the many blessings God gives us.”  Those are all excellent things to be thankful for, and I certainly am grateful for all of them, too.

But it’s easy to say them just to say them, because it’s Thanksgiving.

Try being specific, and see if it doesn’t make you perhaps more thankful. See if it doesn’t bring you to your knees in gratitude and humble recognition of God’s sovereignty. Because He is a God of huge amazing gifts, like family, and grace, and salvation. But He’s also a God of everyday minutiae.

I’m still working on my Thankful-For Door. There aren’t a ton of sticky notes, because I’m still maturing in this department. I’m not there yet, but it sure is fun going this way!

So don’t follow the script for the after-dinner thankfulness round at the table. Be specific, and realize how good God truly is, even in the little things. Like sticky notes.

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  1. Great thoughts Em. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family this week. I’m thankful for the McRib…

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