You Do Not Complete Me: Jerry Maguire’s Bad Theology (Start Marriage Right)

A Short Intro: I love writing for Start Marriage Right because they let me talk to my husband! And hey, even if he doesn’t exist, which is entirely possible, maybe it will help someone else’s husband or wife! It’s kind of a win-win…sort of…

A Brief Foreword: I love all of you wonderful married people, but I’ve got a bone to pick with y’all. You lie to me sometimes, and I’m not a big fan of being lied to. I know you don’t do it intentionally, but maybe before you mention my plight of incompletion in singleness again, you might think about the truth (or untruth) in your words. That would help me. And all singles everywhere.

A Preliminary Direction: Out of professional (and personal) courtesy for Start Marriage Right, I’m not able to post the whole article here. So click the link at the end of this post to finish reading the whole thing at Start Marriage Right (or, because I like you, just hit this one right here: You Do Not Complete Me) I promise they won’t even ask you to sign up or like them on Facebook. (Although, to be honest, the Facebook thing would be helpful!)

Okay, The Actual Thing I Wrote:

Dear Future Husband,

You do not complete me.
And I do not complete you.

As much as I would love for you to be Tom Cruise (plus Jesus, minus whatever religion he’s into now, the paparazzi, and subpar acting—is he really still making movies?!) in Jerry Maguire and have you burst through my door declaring your undying love and desperate need for me, you do not complete me. And I do not complete you.

I know, I know, it sounds so awesomely romantic to literally be unable to live without someone because a part of you is missing. I mean, you can’t get more Romeo-and-Juliet than that, right? Like, let me drink poison if we can’t be together so I won’t ever have to live without you and I would literally rather die than live without you because you. Complete. Me.

Yes, so romantic.

But untrue.

Continue reading “You Do Not Complete Me: Jerry Maguire’s Bad Theology at Start Marriage Right! (This link WILL complete your reading of this article. See what I did there?)

4 thoughts on “You Do Not Complete Me: Jerry Maguire’s Bad Theology (Start Marriage Right)

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      1. Woah. That’s interesting…because I envy (in a good way) your singleness. It’s an opportunity to be singly focused on your Lord!! I also appreciate the lessons learned from being a mom/wife. I would not know nearly how unholy I am without that stuff! But that comes in any relationship-with family, friends and enemies.

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