Coming Soon: Peace And Quiet (Our Focus For Hope)

It’s always an honor to guest post for my friends at Our Focus For Hope. Start reading here and jump on over there for the rest of the story and more encouragement from the Word of God. 

His Word: “And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.” Isaiah 32:17

Observation and Obedience: A little known fact about me in the blogiverse is the number of people that live at my house. I’ll spare you the details, but long story short, there are nine people that live in my house including me. Four of them are under the age of 16. Let’s just say our house doesn’t specialize in “quiet.”

Now, I will be the first to say they are really great kids. I mean, really. They’re respectful and kindhearted and relatively non-destructive. But they’re still kids…learning to be adults.

And I love them dearly.


Sometimes, all I want is some peace and quiet. Sometimes I just want the whole house to myself. Where nobody is dumping out the Legos or watching Phineas and Ferb at 87% volume at 7:30am or fighting like the brothers and sisters they are. These are all perfectly acceptable things to do when you’re between the ages of 8 and 16 and I don’t want them to stop doing those things. But sometimes, I love an empty house. Peace and quietness.

Beyond The House Walls 

That’s what we all long for, isn’t it? Peace and quietness and trust forever—just like Isaiah 32:17 says? But not just in your house filled with people everywhere all the time. We long for peace and quietness in every part of our lives. We want to live peacefully, with no conflicts from within or without. We want an illness-free, accident-less, grief-clear, undisturbed, no-anxiety, peace-and-quiet life. Right? Right…

Finish reading at Our Focus For Hope and find more encouragement there!

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