Why Monday Mugs? Because You Have A Story

So, Emily. Why are you writing about mugs?

You mean other than the fact that I love drinking coffee and mugs are a better option than bowls and infinitely better than plates?

Well, as you can see, I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to coffee mugs. It’s one of the more useful options in pretty much every souvenir shop and it costs less than a t-shirt. So, other than sheer pragmatism, here’s why I’m writing about mugs:


Every single one of my mugs has a story. It represents a place I’ve been, things I’ve seen, people I’ve met or traveled with, and experiences I’ve…experienced. So I’m not just writing about mugs. I’m telling stories.

All God’s Children Got Mugs Stories

I’ve been working in the world of stories for a few years now, and the more I work with stories, the more I love them. And the more I realize how incredibly powerful they are. I’ve met people with stories that are incredibly heartbreaking but bring amazingly soothing grace. I’ve heard wild stories of people’s lives being changed because of Jesus. Of their faith being stripped away and then built back up. And of Jesus reaching them in the dead of night to raise them up into joyful, beloved souls. And these stories are told by incredibly normal humans.

But when I tell people what kind of work I do, more often than not, I hear these five short words: “I don’t have a story.” And my heart sinks every time. Because it’s just not true.

If you’ve ever been alive—which, if you’re reading this, is you—then you have a story. You were born to some people, in a certain place, on a specific date, hour, and minute. Then you grew up, made it through the terrible twos (and threes) and went to some sort of school where you learned to read. Did some other cool stuff between then and now, and today you’re here, reading this.

And guess what? Your story is not like anyone else’s. Sure, there are likely many people who have similar experiences, but your story is yours and yours alone. And guess what else? It matters. Your story matters.

The “I don’t have a story” is a lie that Satan whispers in our hearts and minds because he knows the power of our stories. In fact, the Bible says that in the end, it’s the gospel of Jesus and the stories of the saints that defeat him (Revelation 12:11). Satan’s read the end of the book, and he knows he’s done for because of your story, my story, all our stories. So if he can convince you that you don’t have one, maybe, he thinks, just maybe his deathblow won’t hurt as much.

He’s wrong, friend. Don’t believe his lie.

So why exactly, you ask again, am I writing about mugs?

Because if a mug can have a story—and every single one of mine does—then so can you.
So do you.

You have a story. And it matters.

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