Gift: A Reclamation (Our Focus For Hope)

It's an honor to write for my friends at Our Focus For Hope on my birthday. Begin reading here and then finish up over there, where you'll find more thoughts and encouragement! “This is for Christmas and your birthday.” I’ve lost count of how many times that phrase has accompanied the neatly wrapped—in either Christmas... Continue Reading →

On Christians & Starbucks: We’re Not All Crazy!

FINAL VERDICT: Most Christians do NOT care about Starbucks' Red Cups! (Hallelujah!) You may have seen a bit of commotion this week regarding the new Starbucks Red Cup. After seeing several comments and posts on my own Facebook newsfeed of my friends committing to the #merrychristmasstarbucks "prank," I wrote a little diddy (Dear Christians: Calm Down About Starbucks' Red... Continue Reading →

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