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Monday Mugs || History’s Metre

Living history places like Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum help us rhyme the right parts of history. Because when you know it, you won't repeat it.

In One Year And Out The Other

Hello, friends! Another year is in the books. 'Tis the season for retrospection! Here's a brief recap via the top five posts of 2014: 1. Ken vs. Bill—A Response 2. Getting Hitched Is Out, Hooking Up Is In, Part I 3. As Easy... Continue Reading →

Well it's that time of year again, when I gather the loose change I can find in my couch and pockets and spend it all on leftover (read: cheap!) candy on November 1. You can never have too much chocolate...  ... Continue Reading →

That Day

I was with my parents, babysitting my nephew while they met with contractors about the house we were readying to build. I wasn't very old. Nearly twelve. But I understood. This wasn't a joke or a dream, though everyone watching... Continue Reading →

Because I Can: A Silver Lining to Self-Employment

I'm not usually one to do things "because I can," but lately I've reintroduced that card back into my hand. The last two years, I've been navigating the waters of self-employment. It's not really what I pictured for myself at... Continue Reading →

Having Real Imaginary Friends

[I think there's some rule happening this week on social media that whatever you post HAS to be something about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Because I pretty much don't see anything on my newsfeed that doesn't involve ice and... Continue Reading →

When VBS and Grad School Collide

[The last time I checked, summers weren't supposed to be busy, but this one is. So far I've traveled to three different states, seen three of the five great lakes, taken a self-guided walking tour of downtown Chicago, and avoided getting... Continue Reading →

How to Make Friends, by an Introvert

This is the story of two women who became friends. It all started when one woman moved ten hours away to go to college, and the other woman had just had a baby. They lived in the same town and... Continue Reading →

238 Years and Counting

In the past eight days, I've driven over 900 miles, visited with dear friends and family members, played beach volleyball (on an actual beach), given an entire announcement wearing a pink mustache, let my dog roll in the grass after... Continue Reading →

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