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3 Storytelling Tips To Harness The Power Of Your Story

I have a confession: I've always wanted to be a mom. I have the greatest mom. I remember one morning when I was a kid, my mom took me to school and for whatever reason that day, I didn't want... Continue Reading →

Monday Mugs || Flocking Together

I'm convinced we all, at times, act as conduits of God's peace to each other.

Because If I Can Run I Can Write

I never thought I'd ever be more afraid to write than to run. But I laid in bed two Fridays ago thinking that exact thing. I was to run the CRIM—a ten-mile race downtown Flint—the very next morning and literally... Continue Reading →

Two For The Price Of One

Well, this is a first! Today I have two different articles on two different websites—Shattered Magazine and Start Marriage Right. I've written for both of these websites before. In fact, I wrote for Shattered just last week about my best... Continue Reading →

So, What Do You, Like, Do?

I don't often have a hard time writing. It's actually something that comes quite naturally to me, unlike math. (I remind my math-brained brothers that I do words, not numbers.) This isn't news to you. Obviously, if I didn't have some... Continue Reading →

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