How to Have the World’s Best Dad

It’s Father’s Day this weekend—you’re welcome for that reminder. You have 48 hours left to get a new golf club, a hideous tie, a pair of socks, or a goofy card. 

Sorry, Dad—I’m not getting you any of those. Mostly because I’m poor. All you get is a blog post this year. I might pop for a Wendy’s frosty, too. 

What can I say about my dad? He’s the best dad ever. I know everyone says that their dad is the best dad ever, but they’re wrong. Mine is. 

I’m pretty fond of my dad, and not just because he’s a world-champion ice-cream dipper (which he most certainly is). There are some things about my dad that I’m not so fond of, like how he cuts sandwiches—right down the middle, not diagonally. (This is not news to him.) Or how he has never organized the applications on his iPhone so that when searching for an app you have to scroll through ten (yes, ten) pages of apps. (Yes, Dad, that was the second time today I’ve harped on that. Sorry.)

But there are a lot of things that I absolutely love about my dad. I’m always jealous of his ability to get up in the morning. I don’t know how you morning people do it. I don’t have this ability, and it’s not fair. 

When he gets up, usually the first thing he does (after mixing all the crumbs of empty cereal boxes into one bowl for breakfast) is sit down to the Word of God. Actually, this is only a rumor, because I’m never up early enough to see this, but I see his Bible and study notes scattered all over the table when I do get up. So I’d say it’s a pretty solid hunch. 

The next thing he does when he gets up is make coffee for my mom (who does not share the waking ability). My dad has taken coffee and the paper into my mom before she wakes for as long as I can remember. True love!

I could go on forever about what I love most about my dad. Really, the list is extensive. But mostly, I love my dad because he loves the Lord, His Word and has a passion for teaching it to others…including me. I love our conversations. I love that I can ask my dad the dumbest questions EVER and he never makes me feel as dumb as I sound. 

So thanks, Dad, for being the best dad ever. Thanks for being the most excellent example of godly servanthood I’ve ever seen. Thanks for being committed to the Word of God and for teaching me how to follow the Lord at all costs. 

And thanks for loving me even though I ask (a lot of) dumb questions. 

Seriously—Best. Dad. Ever. 

Love you, Dad. 

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