How to Turn Into Your Dad (and be okay with it)

Apparently I turn into my dad at softball games. 

At our church softball game (yes, church softball is actually incredibly fun) last week, I’m hearing things like “Atta girl!” “Good cut!” “Straighten it out!” “Good eye!” come out of  my mouth. 

My mouth. This is interesting, because my mouth doesn’t typically yell anything, ever, unless I’m being chased by something large and furry…ya know, I’m just not the life of the party. 

These are things that my dad yells at softball games. And apparently now, I do too. 

This is terrifying. Have you ever come to this realization—that you’re just like your mom or your dad? 

I should clarify—luckily, my dad is really cool. So the fact that I’m turning into him isn’t bad, but still, kind of terrifying. 

I was reminded again, although in a different way, that we are a lot like our parents. I’m here at the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches annual conference in Dearborn, Michigan, reporting on the Students Alive! activities. 

On Monday’s kick off session, Pastor Mark Holeman made the point that we are supposed to be like our parents, because we are a product of them. Similarly, if you are God’s child, then you should be like Him, too. 

[Read the story about the day here.]
Makes sense, right? I’d never heard it said that way, but I like it. 
So maybe it’s not so bad that I’m turning into my dad. But my prayer is that I’ll catch myself more often turning into my heavenly Father, too. 

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