How to Appreciate Thunderstorms (part three)

It was about an hour after I saw down to watch that storm roll in that the clouds began to break up. A gorgeous shade of blue began to peak through the clouds and the sun even found some little holes to make it back to earth.

The storm was over. The ground was wet, but I’m convinced actually greener than before the storm. The birds are singing again, and thunder could be heard only in the distance.

Peace had been restored. And if you looked real closely, you could see those beautiful colors—Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet—just hanging there in the sky.

A rainbow. A promise.

The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant ...
The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant with Noah after the Great Flood of the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Colors of Faithfulness

The Lord promises that He won’t send another global flood like He did in Noah’s day. The rainbow is a covenant between God and mankind. So far, He has kept that promise, and I have no reason to believe that He won’t continue to keep it. And when we see that beautiful phenomenon in the clouds, we are reminded of God’s enduring faithfulness.

Sometimes, storms of life don’t come with rainbows—at least not visible ones like we see in the sky. But the God who is faithful to put that rainbow there at the end of the rain is faithful to be there at the end of your storm, too.

Yes, storms will come. But God is faithful. He gives you strength to make it through the storm, and He promises peace afterwards.

The Ultimate Rainbow

Now, I have to be honest—we will not experience unending peace until we reach Heaven. Some storms in life may never come to an end. But one day, they will.

One day, Jesus Christ will gather those who are His —those who have trusted in Him only for eternal life (see John 14:6) because of His saving work on the cross—and carry us to Heaven. There, we will have no storms. Only peace and joy and rest found only in the presence of the Lord.

Now that’s a promise!

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