Preaching What You Practice? (Special Announcement)

Usually, the “practice-what-you-preach” thing comes after the preaching.

Well, today, I’m going to do the practicing part first, and then the preaching part will come later.

…Or something like that (I’m not actually a preacher).

I’m promoting the book of a fellow writer, Eddie Jones. Eddie is the Acquisition Editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. With several books bearing his name, he is a well-seasoned, award-winning author specializing in the devotional and fiction genres.

Today, Eddie is putting another book in the finished column.

[It’s always exciting to see fellow writers publish new books.] 

Skull Creek Stakeout is the newest book in one of Eddie’s young adult series, The Caden Chronicles. Published by Zonderkidz, the book was released this morning.

Check it out here:

The book centers around Nick Caden, a normal fourteen-year-old kid with a “supernatural” knack for finding trouble, ghosts, vampires, and all sorts of undead—or so it seems.

The mystery adventure exposes the myths and lies of the occult, and opens doors for parents to talk with kids about the afterlife and the truth of Scripture.

Eddie will be hosting a Twitter Q&A TODAY at 2pm EST discussing reading trends with kids. Ask a question using hashtag #SkullCreek and participate for some giveaways!

Read a recent article by Eddie here:  7 Ways to Get Your Boy to Read Books 

Go give Eddie another hit on Amazon. Buy a book, and check out his other works at

So there’s my practicing part. Any guesses to what the preaching part will be?

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation and the link to the article about getting your boy to read. Thanks!

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