Preaching What You Practice (Part II)

My brother’s truck felt special last week. Its purpose in life (in any good truck’s life, I suppose) is to haul things.

And as long as we’re personifying trucks, I might as well go ahead and say that last week was probably this truck’s favorite week ever.

Let me explain

Camping is one of our family’s favorite things to do. So when we found out that our church reserves a large section of a nearby campground for a long weekend of camping, we didn’t waste any time signing up for it.

And my brother’s truck—affectionately known as “the Big White Truck”—did a little happy dance when no one was watching (I assume). Why? Because my brother has an Airstream camper (that is older than he is) and my parents have a fifth-wheel. Two campers, one truck.

Some fifth-wheel-camping church friends were in need of a truck with a fifth-wheel hitch, because their truck was in the hospital. The shop, I mean. And it wouldn’t be done in time to go camping. Major bummer!

So the Big White Truck got volunteered to haul not one, not two, but three (!) campers up to the campground. It was in Hauling Heaven!

Stick With Me

Okay, so here’s my point. Our friends appreciated the fact that we (that is, the Big White Truck and its driver) could help them out last week—Even though it was a long day due to the multiple runs the truck made. [Sorry about that, Andy, Heather, Allison and Katelyn!]

That was simple. It was an easy thing to do to help out.

Yesterday, I helped a fellow writer, Eddie Jones, launch his new book, Skull Creek Stakeout.

Simple. But helpful.

I’m not…

…Bragging. I’m really not trying to make my family look good just because we drove a truck around for a day. Or make a big deal about a blog post.

And I’m not trying to be “preach-y,” except for the sake of the idiom, “practice-what-you-preach.” Yesterday I practiced, so I guess this is me preaching.

I am…

…Just saying that helping is doable. It’s simple. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy, and you don’t need a big white truck, or a blog. It can be simple. It can be easy. But it might make someone’s day.

All I’m saying is that it’s fun to help, and I think we all should do it more often.

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