Shark Week Ooh-ha-ha

In case you’re not into any of the Discovery Channel shows, let me help you out.

You should know—It’s Shark Week.

Shark Week happens once a year and basically gives the Discovery Channel a chance to air every terrifying and adrenaline-pumping shark footage they have.

It’s exhilarating. Really.

Anyways, some people really get into it. Take for example, an unknown New Yorker, who left a shark on a subway car. Not a big one, and not a live one, but a shark nonetheless.

Perhaps it’s a little much. But it made headlines: Someone Found a Dead Shark on the New York Subway
Even USA Today picked it up: Dead shark found in NYC subway car

And then the real fun started: Clowning Around with a Dead Shark on the Subway 

Points for creativity!

Props to my friend Sarah Nippert, who was the first to use “Shark Week ooh-ha-ha,” playing from Finding Nemo’s “shark-bait-ooh-ha-ha” line. Good one, Sarah! 

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