This post is exactly 225 words long

Yesterday, I was excited to do laundry.

It’s true. I had a basket of clean clothes in my room that I needed to fold. And folding clothes isn’t always my favorite thing to do, but yesterday, it was.

Yesterday, laundry was actually my reward for finishing a new project.

I was trying my hand at something different: Write a powerful devotional in 225 words.

If you’re not into writing and don’t think in wordcounts, let me help you out. You’ve already read 85 words in this post. 225 words is about 1/3 of a page, or a really long paragraph.

That’s not very many words in which to write a powerful devotional.

But it can be done, I’m told.

[We’re now at 125 words.]

And theoretically, it’s not hard. Challenging, perhaps, but not hard.

Except for one thing.

Writer’s block.

Writer’s block doesn’t really exist, except in the mind of the writer. When inspiration doesn’t strike, we writers blame writer’s block, and somehow it makes us feel better.

But the only cure to writer’s block is to just write. And that’s hard. Hence the reward.

So I wrote. It took me a while. Like three hours. But I finished. It wasn’t good, and it needed intense revising. But I finished.

And then, I folded laundry! It was glorious.

It’s the little things, right?





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