The Famed Beards Return Tonight!

It’s no secret that I love Duck Dynasty.

Ever since I sat down to see what it was all about, I’ve been a fan. The first time I turned it on—just to “be informed”— I watched four episodes in a row.

[Show marathons should be illegal. I’m not proud of the fact that after watching four episodes, I totally wanted to watch four more. I contemplated it. Darn marathons. ]

At first, I was like, “Seriously? They’re racing lawn mowers. At a lawn-mower racing event. With a track and everything.”

But then I watched another episode, just to be fair. And that’s when I realized that this show was different. I kind of thought it was going to be a Swamp People 2.0 or, from what I knew of the excessive facial hair, perhaps another Mountain Men show.

They may be covered in hair and camo, but the Robertsons are completely different. They’re rednecks, yes, BUT they love Jesus and are stinking HILARIOUS.

I’m totally hooked

And I take full responsibility (credit?) for single-handedly winning over my entire family to the Duck Dynasty fan club.

In my opinion, Duck Dynasty is the best show on TV. It’s clean, funny, and values faith and family above all else.

Not to mention, God is using the Robertsons and their show in some really cool ways. [God can and does work in and through Hollywood!]

I wrote about it for Today’s Christian Woman. Go read it here!


You should watch it!

Season 4 of Duck Dynasty starts TONIGHT. Rumor has it there’s some kind of weddin’ fixin’ to happen. Er somethin’.

It airs on A&E at 10p.m. on Wednesday nights. If you want to use excuse that you don’t get that channel, nice try. You can watch full episodes on

Trust me, the Robertsons won’t disappoint you. Watch it. You’ll be “happy, happy, happy,” that you did.

Here are some things you should check out:

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