Monday Boredom Buster

I’ll try not to bore you with a boring Monday afternoon post. Keep reading, it might not be as boring as you think!

Last week I took an unplanned mini-vacation. Monday was Labor Day, and since everyone else had the day off, I decided I should, too. [It’s nice to be your own boss.]

I was planning on getting back into it the next day —that would be Tuesday. [In case you’re not yet bored with this post, I thought I’d state the obvious.]

But it didn’t happen that way. Instead, I had a last-minute road trip to a neighboring state.

Here’s a mid-post game (are you bored yet?). I live in Michigan, and there’s only 3 options for neighboring states. Here are your two clues: 1.) I don’t live in “da U.P.” and 2.) ohhowIhateOhioState. [If you also live in Michigan and can’t figure out where I was, then you seriously need to brush up on your geography skills.]


I was able to do a little bit of touring (emphasis on the little bit) and also see some beloved family members. That last-minute business trip gave me a two-day vacation in an already 4-day work week. [Math skills: how many days are left?]

Throw two night classes in there somewhere and we’re now down to about 15 hours of work time. [Time management skills: PRIORITY MODE!]

Absence Appeal

All that being said, the blog was the first to fall off the radar. Which is why you haven’t heard from me in about a week and a half.

Or, it could be that you haven’t heard from me because you’re not signed up to get these via email!
[Don’t feel bad, my dad wasn’t either until last week. But I still love him. Because he’s awesome! And also my dad.]

So, if THAT’S the case, then there’s a really simple remedy. At the bottom left corner of this page, there’s a space that says “Follow blog via emaill” where you can put your email address in. Easy, right? So you can go do that now.

Seriously. Right now.

Then, once that’s finished, you should take a mini-vacation, too! It’s really quite wonderful. Turn OFF your phone, then go out for dinner or stay in and watch a movie or read a book. It will actually make you more productive tomorrow. Cool, huh?

[Conquering Monday boredom: CHECK]

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