Read This with a British Accent

Okay, so our governing leaders are at a bit of a stalemate right now.

Do you know what would happen if we were British?

(I mean, if we were British, there wouldn’t have been that whole Revolution and birth-of-a-nation thing. Or freedom. So there’s that.)


Yep, that’s what would happen if we were British. But we’re not, so I guess we’ll have to resort to FREAKING OUT!

Listen, the Government Shutdown isn’t the end of the world. Or the end of the country. (I’m afraid the end of the country is actually catalyzed by its government, but that’s for another post, I suppose.) It’s happened before (18 times since 1976) and it will probably happen again. It’s going to be okay.

[I don’t want to make light of the fact that many people are temporarily out of a job, which means you don’t get paid. I get it—you want to work to provide for your family and yourself. I realize this is a problem. But, looks like there’s not much we can do about it right now, so might as well enjoy the vacation!]

The Next Level

To be honest, I’m kind of glad this little shutdown thing is happening. Setting aside the specific political issues, allow me to point out that gridlock in upper echelon government is actually a good thing. Stick with me—it means we have a unique composition of leaders, who carry different beliefs and bring a fuller understanding of each issue to the table. The other option is for us all to be like me. I’m not going to lie, that sounds really great to me. But it may not be so exciting for you. Sorry. (Actually, that would be terrible. I’m not as fun in real life as I sound in writing…then again, maybe I don’t sound fun here, either. Exactly.)

It also helps people to really think about the issues, and decide what they really believe about everything. Starting with understanding what’s happening. (Mini rant: I have encountered way too much ignorance this week regarding the Government Shutdown. People, you need to be aware of what’s going on! Okay, rant over. I feel better.) Once you have a good handle on what’s going on, take some time to think about where YOU stand on the issues.

So the government is shutdown for a little while. My solution? Return to your British roots, break out some tea, brush up on the Queen’s English, and…

Keep Calm and Carry On!
Actually, I always default to


Sounds like a good plan to me!
But seriously—write to your congressman and let him know 
your thoughts. Surprisingly, Congressman are not “non-essentials” and will actually get your letter…theoretically. 

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