National Priorities

It’s Day 9 of the Government Shutdown, and I’m wearying of the nonsense that has taken over Capitol-playground-Hill. I am frustrated most by the construction of barricades at WWII monuments, keeping veterans out due to the shutdown. One person on the Frank Beckmann show (WJR 760 am) remarked that it cost more money to put up the barricades than to keep the guards/security personnel there. Silly. Rude. Ungrateful.

Enough of that. I’m tired of flapping about the pettiness in D.C. Today, I come to you with a much bigger issue for World News Wednesday.

This is a crisis. A crisis.

Put Down the Nutmeg 

The Huffington Post reports that M&M is coming out with a new fall treat, Pumpkin Spice M&Ms.

Personally, I cannot stand for this. Don’t mess with the chocolate. If you want Pumpkin Spice, go get one of those lattes at Starbucks or ask your mom to make you a pumpkin pie.

But come on, folks. M&Ms? Too far!

Apparently there isn’t even any pumpkin, or cinnamon listed in the ingredients of the candy.
“Our only ingredient clue is the generic term of ‘artificial flavors,'” the Post remarked. Yummy.

A House Divided

My family is actually split on this. A dear brother who is tragically devoted to all things Pumpkin Spice is excited about the candy’s new endeavor. I, however, can’t jump on this bandwagon. I’m okay with Pumpkin Spice Chai, or even Pumpkin Pie jelly beans. But don’t touch my chocolate.

You see how this is actually a bigger issue than the Government Shutdown? Definitely a problem.

I guess my brother is entitled to his opinion. So are you—I want to know what you think!! Are Pumpkin Spice M&Ms a Autumn Go or a Fall No?

Comment on this post—Pumpkin Lover or Chocolate Defender?

Huffington Post’s Report 
Relevant Magazine’s Report

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