It’s a Go-Team-Go Weekend

It’s Friday! Yay! And it’s October. Those are definitely in my Top Ten Favorite Trivial Things of all time. (I have Top Ten lists of all kinds, like Top Ten Favorite Movies, Top Ten Favorite Desserts, Top Ten Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments, and Top Ten Favorite Days of the Week…actually that one only has seven.)

When Friday comes around, I start thinking about the weekend, and what I will be doing for those two glorious days of the week (Sunday is my #1 favorite day of the week, in case you were wondering. Saturday is a close second.)

So today I was thinking about what I’ll be doing this weekend. And it occurred to me that this weekend is one of cheering. Here are the three things I am cheering for this weekend:

The Michigan Wolverines

After a devastating loss to Penn State last weekend, I’m hoping my Wolverines will come back strong tomorrow as they face the Indiana University Hoosiers. Kickoff is at 3:30. Go Blue!

The Detroit Tigers

The American League Championship Series has taken up the better part of my evenings this past week. And I’ve stayed up far too late watching the games. In fact, my bedtime is depressed because he’s been stood up three nights in a row…for overgrown striped cats! He’s a little bitter. The Tigers are battling the Boston Red Sox for a trip to the World Series, and right now the Sox lead the series 3-2. The Tigers are flying to Boston to hopefully beat the Sox at home. I’ll be watching (/praying) and cheering them on tomorrow afternoon. First pitch at 8:07.

My Marathoning Sister!

My sister (in-law), Tracey, is running her very first Marathon this weekend on Sunday in Detroit! Yes, that’s 26.2 miles (i.e., insanity) all by foot. She’s been training for a long time, and has run several half-marathons, (that’s 13.1 miles, i.e., semi-insanity) over the past year. She’ll be running the Detroit Free Press International Marathon; the  route winds through downtown Detroit and crosses the Ambassador Bridge, sending runners through Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and back through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. Pretty cool! Unfortunately I can’t be downtown Detroit to cheer her on, but I will definitely be thinking of and excited for her as she runs…and crosses the finish line!! (p.s. Running a marathon is not on any of my Top Ten lists, in case you were wondering!)

Those are three things I’m cheering for this weekend. What are you cheering for? (Boston Red Sox fans need not reply!)

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