Today’s World News Wednesday will feature my talented photojournalist friend, Darrell Goemaat, who is making world news as we speak.

Darrell is in Bangkok, Thailand right now.

He’s there with Regular Baptist Press reporting on the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Missions (IPFBM) All-Partners Conference.

The team (Darrell, Chris Brown and daughter Kara) left last Friday, getting hung up in Los Angeles due to the shooter in terminal 2 of LAX (the terminal they needed to be in). But eventually they made it to their destination in Bangkok. They are there to help with the conference and provide tech support for ministry leaders in Asia. In fact, ministry leaders at the conference receive flash drive loaded with all sorts of Bible teaching resources. Uh, cool!

Darrell’s photos and updates can be viewed here: Bangkok, Thailand — IPFBM Conference.

I’m writing about Darrell because he’s doing some really cool things (and because he’s my friend). I mean, he’s in Bangkok. Bangkok! (I’ll be honest—Thailand isn’t my first choice of destinations, but if I ever get the chance to go there, I’ll probably take it.)

But I’m excited for Darrell that not only does he get to experience Thai culture (and food!), but he gets to help people while he’s there. I mean, he’s not just a tourist. He’s doing stuff (is that an accurate description, Darrell?). Cool stuff (how’s that?). He’s serving God. Doing ministry.

I love that!

Changing the World 

I’m in grad school right now, and enjoying it. It’s always interesting when people ask my background/undergraduate experience…I’m learning to describe my dreams in university-friendly jargon. Because when people hear “I want to be involved in ministry,” or “my counseling education is a ministry skill,” they don’t really know what to think. I can almost se their eyes gloss over, and I get the cordial “oh, that’s…interesting.”

But, as Darrell and the team in Bangkok are demonstrating this week, ministry can be extremely exciting. It can take you around the world!  It can put you in the middle of a breaking news event at LAX. It can give you first-hand experience of how God is working in countries you’ve only ever read about.

And ministry—service—can be extremely simple, too. Those flash drives represent an incredibly practical way to help the brothers and sisters at the conference. And they’re grateful for the useful tools. Impacting, helping, serving people, can be as easy as making photographs and handing out flash drives.

Just think—you could change the world one little computer stick thingy at a time…