Confessions of a Michigander

Okay, okay, you got me…I confess!

I’m listening to Christmas music today.

But just today, I promise!

Here’s the thing: It was snowing when I was driving home from class the other night. It had been raining all day, but then it got cold and started to snow. It was beautiful.

Actually, it wasn’t beautiful. It was wet and muddy and gross. But it was snow!

Earlier this week, it was warm(er), (and also rainy-er) but then it turned and now it’s cold. Just how I like it.  [I’m one of those weird Michiganders who actually likes living in Michigan…I love the distinct seasons!]

…which is why I’m listening to Christmas music today.

I Know You Have an Opinion

I’m usually a strict post-Thanksgiving-only Christmas music listener. But when the weather turns like this, I need just a little bit to tide me over. I also justified it by the fact that this year’s Thanksgiving is later than usual, which means the window between Thanksgiving and Christmas is shorter. (Last year, November started on a Thursday, so there were 5 Thursdays, making Thanksgiving Nov. 22. This year, November started on a Friday, so Thanksgiving is on Nov. 28. That’s how that works.)

As I glance through Facebook this week, I’m seeing the Christmas music window is a subject of passion for many of my friends. It rivals the “pop or soda” debate. (By the way, it’s pop. Duh.) And I’m less dogmatic about the Christmas music rules today than I have previously been.

So I’m wondering about you…Are you listening to Christmas music yet?


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Michigander

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  1. You have to make the same traditional Christmas music last for a lifetime, so you can’t wear it out by extending prior to Thanksgiving, no?

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