Today is a historic date!

It’s 11/12/13. Very exciting.

Until you think about the fact that it’s just another day.

True, we will probably not live to see that date again–at least on this side of Heaven. If we do, I probably won’t remember today anyways.

[If you’re reading this in 2113 and the internet and/or bacon hasn’t actually taken over the entire universe, please know that nobody really liked Justin Bieber and that I sincerely hope you’ve invented hoverboards by now. And, I think I’m cool because I’m writing this on an iPad, and you’re probably just reading this from the snapshot in your head because they’ve figured out how to take pictures with your eyes. While flying with your jet pack. Do you still eat in 2113?]

But today is just a normal Tuesday. Came after Monday. And before Wednesday. Darn Tuesday, why must you be so predictable?!

Okay, so today is cool. And it will never happen again. Let me repeat that. Tuesday, November 12, 2013 (11/12/13) will never happen again!


But…uh…that’s the point of history…and calendars… Because this day, today, will never happen again. Yesterday won’t, and tomorrow won’t. And no, Groundhog Day isn’t actually possible. (And clearly if it was, we wouldn’t want to do it. Thanks, Bill Murray, for teaching us to have a change of heart on the first February 2.)

What I am actually trying to say is that EVERY DAY is history. You don’t get to do today over. No pressure or anything, but you don’t get another Tuesday, November 12, 2013. YOU ARE history in the making, no matter what the calendar says!

Moral of the story: Today was cool and tomorrow will be, too. Go make some history!

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