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Did you know that yesterday was “Giving Tuesday?” Yep! We had thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday. Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and finally, Giving Tuesday. (Do you think Sunday and Wednesday might be feeling left out?)

On giving Tuesday, people are encouraged to donate money to their favorite charities, organizations, or churches. Not a bad idea, after dropping a good bit of money over the last few days on stuff (don’t worry, I’m not going on another rant)…an encouraged day of generosity grants us a valuable measure of perspective.

Too Far? Nope.

Maybe you’ve heard about this already, but there’s a guy who’s getting really good at this generosity thing. He’s going simply by “Tips for Jesus.” No, that’s not advice for Jesus—the guy is going around the country to restaurants and leaving huge tips, astronomical amounts of money, like bigger than my life savings (which isn’t really isn’t saying much, but we’re talking thousands), as a testimony for Jesus Christ. His Instagram account chronicles his travels and tips, but is anonymous.

He has been revealed, however, as a former Vice President at PayPal with more than a few dollars apparently burning holes in his pockets. But I think he has decided to use it wisely. Check this guy out — Tips for Jesus

Other than perhaps the leading of the Holy Spirit, I’m not sure what prompted his tipping splurge. But the Huffington Post ran an article about Christians being particularly poor tippers…read that article here. So maybe that’s where he got the idea. However it happened, I think it’s pretty cool.

You don’t have to give away your life savings

It’s no longer Giving Tuesday, and I’m not asking you to donate any money to charity, or leave ginormous tips (not that we should only be generous once a year). But I do think that Jesus Christ can be glorified by both of those things. And by things smaller than that. Like maybe leaving a 30% tip instead of 15% or 20%? Or by being friendly in line at the grocery store? Or offering to help put up your elderly neighbor’s Christmas tree?

Small stuff matters, too. What could you do today–that wouldn’t put you in poverty or debt–that would testify to the Lord Jesus?

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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