Yes, I went MIA last week. Two words: Finals Week. It’s amazing how quickly you forget the “joys” of the end of the semester after graduating from college. And it’s amazing how quickly you remember them, too. 

I dare you to say “Merry Christmas” without smiling!

[For the record, I really don’t like the movie Elf, which is where the title of this post comes from. And that might solicit more hate mail than saying “Merry Christmas” to an atheist, but it fit with the post, so I went with it. Plus I actually do enjoy smiling. Don’t you?]

Okay, I realize you can physically say “Merry Christmas” without actually smiling. But humor me for two seconds.


Last week was the final meetings for my classes, so for one of them, we had a little Christmas party. I took some Christmas cookies, because you can’t not have a good time when there’s cookies in the room. (Yes, they were homemade. Yes, they were yummy. Yes, you can call me Betty Crocker.) We didn’t eat them all during class, so when I went to the library afterwards, I decided to spread some Christmas cheer. I offered librarians and random students cookies (“Christmas tree, wreath, or snowflake?”) and added a delightful “Merry Christmas!” to go with it.

I couldn’t help but smile when I said Merry Christmas. It may have even cheered me more than those who got cookies! Maybe it was being done with classes, maybe it was the act of giving, I don’t know. But those words—Merry Christmas—felt so good to say.

Sorry, folks. “Happy Holidays” just doesn’t cut it. It’s just not the same as saying “Merry Christmas.” Try it. Try saying “Happy Holidays” with as much joy and fulfillment as when you say “Merry Christmas.” Can you tell a difference?

In my next post—those politically-correct-greeting wars! Brought to you by whoever wrote “Merry Holidays” on a classroom board last week.