One Thing Snow is Good For

The “Polar Vortex” has released its grip and it’s no longer dangerous to be outside for longer than thirty seconds. But we’re still inside. Why? Because we’ve been promised at least another five inches of snow, and we’re not expecting Michigan to let us down now, considering the winter we’ve had thus far.

So grab a good book and settle in next to the fireplace for today. Don’t have any good books to read, you say? Well, I just happen to have one right here…silly me, I almost forgot!

My friend Deb Potts has just published a book called Making Peace with Prickly People: How to Find Heavenly Harmony in your Relationships. In fact, it launches TODAY!

I Know A Real Author!

I’ve known Deb for a long time. Back in the day, when our families lived near each other, Deb and my mom would carpool us kids because we all went to the same school. That’s how I first remember Mrs. Potts. We attended the same church for a long time, too. Just within the past few years, we’ve reconnected as writers. She’s been a great encouragement to me as I continue to dream and build my writing career.

Deb’s story is really interesting. She has lived in Germany and Luxembourg, and traveled all over the world. The Lord called her to Himself through a Stonecroft Bible study, and since 2006 has been speaking for Stonecroft Ministries. She’s also a Certified Personality Trainer and she’s been helping people realize and use their God-given personalities to glorify Him…

Which is what her book is all about. In Making Peace with Prickly People, Deb explains the different personality types, and helps you discover how God has created you. You also figure out why certain people get on your nerves…which may or may not happen when you’re snowed in for long periods of time, if you know what I mean….


The e-book is available beginning TODAY on Amazon for $2.99. (You don’t need a kindle or tablet reader to read it. Download the free Kindle app for PCs, Macs, iPad, iPhone, or Windows phone.) The book also comes with a free workbook download, which helps you learn to…you got it—make peace with prickly people!

So if you’re looking for a good, insightful book for this snowy weekend, charge up your laptop or iPad and download Deb’s book …before the power goes out! (Murphy’s Law…if I think/say it will, then it won’t…right?)

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