A Big Day for Modern Technology

Some cool things are happening around the Internet today!

Curing Dogs’ Color Blindness

Growing Your Chocolate Garden

YouTube’s trending plan for 2014

Google’s new addition to the Google Maps app

Okay, by now you’ve figured out that these are April Fools’ jokes. I thought about doing an elaborate April Fools’ Day thing today for my blog post, but I confess: I’m not good at April Fools’ Day. I’ve never been a practical joker and I’m afraid I never will be. But it’s always fun to watch someone else get April Fooled…

[Our friends at Google are pretty good at April Fools: Check out their track record here and here.]

I haven’t been April Fooled very much, but the best one I can remember was when I was a high school senior—My youth pastor told me that because of a bookkeeping error (his mistake), I wasn’t going to get a scholarship that I had worked toward for four years. In an instant, I waved goodbye to my college career that hadn’t even started yet. Yep, that was a good one.

So, I don’t have many April Fools’ stories—but now I want to hear yours!

What is the best April Fool’s joke you’ve ever played on someone?
What is the best April Fool’s joke that you’ve fallen for?

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