I don’t know how you define a good friend, but I’d venture a guess that most of these qualities would be on your list:

Kind, trustworthy, loyal, good listener, forgiving, compassionate, loving, truthful, funny…yes?

But one of the things I really love in a friend is when they recommend good books to me. This winter, two of my friends gave me books, just out of the blue. I totally didn’t see it coming, and they probably don’t realize how much I appreciated it. Friends—you know who you are—thanks for the good books!

Wait for it…

So today I want to be a really good friend because I’m going to recommend a book to you. Actually, it’s a magazine. And I’m not just recommending this magazine to you because I wrote an article in it, (although that is true); I’m recommending it to you because it’s a really great mag.

Shattered Magazine is a Jesus-loving, hope-giving, difference-making magazine. It features real-life stories written by real-life people about how our real-life God has taken something that was once shattered and made it beautiful.

“We want people to have a perspective on this life that is hard to come by—one where we realize our greater purpose and how that purpose should free us to live full and meaningful lives, celebrating each of our own unique, God-given stories for His glory.” (Quote taken from Shattered‘s website.)

Each article in Shattered accomplishes this very thing, in funny, sweet, and/or poignant ways.

Check Shattered out. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and Subscribe to Shattered here (print and/or online)!

One more thing. My article is called “Beauty in the Eye of the Creator.” You might learn some funny things about me if you take a look-see. (Unfortunately you are not able to view the whole article unless you subscribe to the mag.)

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