Don’t Forgeddaboudit

“It’s cold today.” I couldn’t believe what I had just said, but it slipped out without getting permission.

Well, yesterday it was 80 degrees, which was perfect. Perfect. But today it’s windy and not quite as warm, so relatively, it is cold today.

Meanwhile, in another project I’m working on, I’m looking up stats on the record-breaking winter we endured to remind us that there were people without houses to warm in. I remember not being able to feel my face after being outside for ten minutes just a few weeks ago, and quickly zip my lips.

So we just survived the snowiest (is that a word?) winter in 133 years, nearing eight feet of snow for the season and I’m saying this 58 degrees is cold? Shame on me. Obviously, I’m pretty good at complaining. And apparently now I can add forgetting to the list of things I’m good at. But let’s just say I’m not going to put those on my resume.

The solution to my two skills? Perspective.

The perspective of time makes me realize that not long ago I was in a much colder state (literally).
The perspective of quality makes me realize that 58 degrees is 50 degrees warmer than 8 degrees, which is what the thermometer read for several days in January.

So I put on a sweatshirt and get back to work. Crisis averted. Besides, the sun is shining, which doesn’t happen everyday. I’ll take it.

Don’t forget about where you’ve been. You might lose appreciation for where you are. 


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