Your Dad Isn’t Good Enough

Every year about this time there’s a debate about whose dad is the greatest. It’s quite tiring actually, arguing with all these people who think their dad is the best dad ever, when it’s clearly not so. But everyone is entitled to an opinion, I suppose.

So here’s my statement to end all arguments:

My dad, Daniel Gehman, is the best dad ever. If your initials are either AG or EG and your grandpa’s name was Ord (yes, my grandpa’s name was Ord), you probably agree with me. If not, well—here’s a slight twist on the annual dad-dispute.

The Bad News

In reality, my dad isn’t the greatest. And your dad isn’t either, actually. And my dad is completely okay with what I just said based on what I’m about to say.

My dad isn’t perfect. In fact, he’s pretty awful. I mean, on his own, he’s not good at loving or doing good things in general. (Dad—sorry; keep reading. It gets better.) Why? Because he is by nature a sinful person. Romans 5:12 explains how this works—Adam sinned, and passed down his sinful nature through all of the fathers to come after him (which are all fathers everywhere). My dad is a sinner, your dad is a sinner; all our dads are sinners.

So the bad news is your dad—and my dad—isn’t good enough. He’s not good enough for Heaven, and because of that sinful nature (which your dad passed down to you, by the way), he won’t be going to Heaven, and neither will you.

The Good News

But here’s the cool thing. The DAD of all dads—that is God—loves us enough that He gave Jesus Christ (the only person who could pay the price for sin) to die for us, taking care of our sins for good. Jesus didn’t stay dead, but instead conquered death by coming back to life. Pretty cool.  AWESOME, actually! THAT is how you get to Heaven. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved (Acts 16:31).

My dad put his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation a long time ago. Ever since then, he has been taking cues from the DAD of all dads (via the Bible), and that’s how he has gotten so good at loving and being a great dad. THAT is what makes my dad the best dad ever.

Seriously, Best Dad Ever

I could go on and on about how fantastic my dad is—like how he taught me to read and think well, to appreciate language, how to fill an ice cream cone, catch a ball, keep a campfire going, be a servant, drive the tractor, study the Bible, wash the car, play with words, change a tire, roast the perfect marshmallow, fill a glass to the top without it overflowing, and the list goes on…

But at the top of the list is that he unswervingly follows the DAD of all dads, our heavenly Father, God.

Like I said, best dad ever.



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