How to Make Friends, by an Introvert

This is the story of two women who became friends.

It all started when one woman moved ten hours away to go to college, and the other woman had just had a baby. They lived in the same town and went to the same church for three years but did not become friends until one crucial night.

That night was chaos. The event that these two women were both volunteering at had been the victim of an untimely miscommunication, and there weren’t enough chairs or tables or room for anyone, though there were certainly enough people. The women had only spoken a handful of time in the last three years but this night required some major teamwork. Finally everyone had a table and a chair and the two women sat down next to each other, frazzled and exhausted, but satisfied. Fast forward two more years and now the two women are both in different towns and different states, but their friendship continues.

Okay, let’s not get too mushy here; I do have a point. You see, I just got back from visiting this dear friend last week, and I owe it all to that one disordered event where we had to work together. (Well, that and the sovereign hand of God, from which every good gift comes!)

The Unbreakable Bond of Teamwork 

There is a certain bonding that happens when you serve alongside someone. Even if you don’t know them or have never seen them before in your life, when you have to work together to a common goal, you form friendships that can last a really, really long time. It’s an amazing phenomenon that I don’t quite know how to explain other than telling you my experience. [And I have similar stories for at least two other good friends!]

So here’s a thought. If you find yourself lacking in solid friendships [or even if you’re not], go serve somewhere. Volunteer at a church or a rescue mission or (gasp!) Vacation Bible School. [And I’m not just saying “work in VBS!” because I’m directing it this year…okay, maybe I am…]

Find somewhere to help out, and meet whoever it is that’s helping right next to you.

You never know who it will be. You never know who you might be driving 300 miles to visit in two years. Or who you might call if you have a bad day at work. Who knows? You might even get swept off your feet…

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