Shattered Magazine: Hard Stories Like Kara Tippetts, Saeed Abedini Help Us Think, Pray, Love

Hi, friends! Thanks for sticking with me through a short writing hiatus. I’m still working with Shattered Magazine (which I love!), and this season has been our busiest but most exciting as we restructure and trust God for what’s next.

I’m now the Online Managing Editor at Shattered and one of the reasons I love Shattered is that they’re not afraid to think and talk about the hard things in life. I’m not a fan of heartbreaking stories, but I believe we are brought near to the heart of God when we tell stories like these. Reading and writing these stories has helped me know and love God better…

Stories Like Kara Tippetts, ISIS, And Saeed Abedini Help Us Think, Pray, Love

Kara Tippetts and Brittany Maynard, ISIS, a Drop Box for abandoned babiesPastor Saeed Abediniaddictionsaffairs. The hard stuff. These are all stories Shattered has engaged in, listened to, and then told. Why? Because stories help us think about and deal with the tough things of life.

We Don’t Like Stories About Dying People

…Or about having to make decisions like Kara Tippetts and Brittany Maynard did. Telling their stories has reminded us that it’s a heart-wrenching, sucker-punching game of never: there’s never a good time for death; saying goodbye is nevereasy; and we’ll never get used to the silence. But their stories make us think about how we will face death if (“for we shall not all sleep!”) and when our moment comes. We’re pushed to recognize that death may happen sooner rather than later. And it may not be in the easy chair surrounded by our loved ones after a long, happy life. Instead, it may be at the mercy of a vicious disease, or at the hands of bloodthirsty extremists, or at the end of the spear. Their stories beg us to answer the question…[continue reading]


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