Twelve Years An Outcast (Shattered Magazine)

This woman’s story has been rolling in my head and heart for a while now. The interesting part is she didn’t plan on telling her story. But oh, the power when she did! 

She had come that day with a plan, one that didn’t include anyone noticing her. Not even Him. She believed if she could just touch Him — not even Him, just His cloak was good enough — she would be healed. The bleeding would stop. Her shame would go away. She could be a productive member of society again. Twelve years on the outskirts was enough to make a person dream big, go crazy or both.

That’s right: She had been bleeding for twelve years. It was frustrating. Debilitating. Exhausting. Because the condition rendered her unclean, she was not allowed to worship. She was a pariah.

She had done all she could. Tried everything. She had seen doctor after doctor after doctor. She had spent her entire life savings seeking medical help, but no one could help her. She wasn’t getting better at all. In fact, she was getting worse! She was broke, still bleeding and hopelessly discouraged.

But she hadn’t tried Him.

Everyone was talking about Him. He was going around speaking in the temples and from boats and on hills. A handful of followers went everywhere with Him and told stories of leper-healing and storm-calming and even a paralyzed guy who was lowered through the ceiling by his friends. He got healed, too. She’d heard these stories from people who’d seen it with their own eyes. Word traveled fast.

Maybe He could help her? Worth a try. She literally had nothing to lose.

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This story was originally published at Shattered Magazine on February 7, 2018. 

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