Introducing The Your Stories Podcast!

We already know I love stories; that’s not news. Stories are incredibly powerful and our brains process stories differently. Stories hold our attention and help us understand each other better, build bridges, and foster community.

When I tell people I’m a storytelling coach, I often hear these five words: “I don’t have a story!”

But that’s just not true. You do have a story. You don’t have to be famous to have a story. You just have to be alive! I’ve written the stories of my mugs in hopes that you, too, would see that if a coffee mug can have a story, so can you. And your story is unique; nobody else has your exact story and your story has an impact on the stories around you. Your story matters. 

I love helping people realize they have a story and then walk them through the writing and editing process to share it. But now I’m taking my storytelling passion to the next level: a PODCAST! The Your Stories podcast launches THIS WEEKEND!

Solid State Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from downtown Lapeer, Michigan. They’re letting me use their studio to record the podcast and launch it in their lineup and I’m honored to be given such an opportunity! I’ve been thinking about podcasting for a few years now and now it’s happening and I’m stoked.

The very first episode of the Your Stories podcast will introduce the podcast and share the story of my sweet friend Regina Starr. She is the founder of the Forever Friends Network, an autism support community, and she’s doing awesome things to help families with special needs in Lapeer. I’m so glad to share her story on the first episode of the Your Stories podcast!

You’re wondering where you can find the show, right? I thought so. Here’s all the info you need and a nifty link to get you there super easy.

The Your Stories podcast airs on Solid State Radio on
SATURDAYS at 12n and SUNDAYS at 9am. The episode will be the same both days, with new episodes each weekend. Listen at
(Eventually it will be on iTunes….once I get that figured out. I’ll keep you posted!)

I’m so excited for this new opportunity! Thank you in advance for listening to and sharing the Your Stories podcast. May it encourage you, connect you with awesome stories, and show you that you have a story, too. Because you do have a story. And it matters.


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  1. I was in the army as a combat engineer and was deployed to Ramadi Iraq in 2005 as part of a Route Clearance Platoon responsible for locating and destroying IEDs. I am now writing a book about Mental Health and recovering from Trauma. I would love to tell my story!

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