I don't know how you define a good friend, but I'd venture a guess that most of these qualities would be on your list: Kind, trustworthy, loyal, good listener, forgiving, compassionate, loving, truthful, funny...yes? But one of the things I really love in a friend is when they recommend good books to me. This winter, two... Continue Reading →

I’m an Anomaly—There, I said it!

I'm guest posting today! Head on over to AWANA's Life Threads blog to read about how AWANA and Baptist Bible College made me an anomaly. Special thanks to Linda Weddle and the kind folks at AWANA for letting me write for them today! 

Ken vs. Bill

Here's a quick post about a really cool thing happening tonight: Answers in Genesis is hosting a debate tonight at the Creation Museum between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. Ken Ham is the president of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. He is a Creationist; that is, he believes the earth was created in... Continue Reading →

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