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So, What Do You, Like, Do?

I don't often have a hard time writing. It's actually something that comes quite naturally to me, unlike math. (I remind my math-brained brothers that I do words, not numbers.) This isn't news to you. Obviously, if I didn't have some... Continue Reading →

I’m an Anomaly—There, I said it!

I'm guest posting today! Head on over to AWANA's Life Threads blog to read about how AWANA and Baptist Bible College made me an anomaly. Special thanks to Linda Weddle and the kind folks at AWANA for letting me write for them... Continue Reading →

“A Ride to College on God’s Word” (Special Announcement!)

There may be some things you don't know about me. (Actually, I hope there are things you don't know about me. If there wasn't, that would be creepy.) Maybe you don't know I spent the better part of ten years... Continue Reading →

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