How to Enjoy Information Overload

“It’s okay to call yourself a writer!” 

This statement seems like a no-brainer at a writer’s conference, right? Well, it is. 
But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be said! 
[I’m on a bit of information overload right now, unwinding from my first day at Write-to-Publish. I have listened to great teaching today, and have had some excellent conversations and opportunities that only our sovereign God could arrange. He indeed is good.]
I am reminded that every writer asks the same questions–what do I have to say? Why would anyone publish me? Does anybody even read anymore? (Here’s where I thank YOU for reading this blog!) 
And while we still ask and search for answers…sometimes on a daily basis… there is comfort in knowing that I am not the only one asking them. 
I have seen God’s hand in this conference for me; I couldn’t have planned it any better (as if I thought I could have…what arrogance!). Seriously, that whole “more than you could ever ask or think” thing? Yeah, completely true. 
And it’s only day one! I can’t wait to tell you about ALL God has done through this week-so far, and yet to come. Stay tuned!
Looking forward to tomorrow…but now, sleep. Sleep would be good. 

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